The sale of state lottery operator brings to the budget a lot of money France

Gambling regulator Agence des Participations de l’État (APE) has confirmed that the initial public offering of a large lottery operator La Française des Jeux (FDJ) has attracted about € 1.89 billion the state treasury.

 The final amount received from the sale of shares, became known only after the Arab Republic of Egypt has completed the task of redistribution. As a result, it was further stated on 11,350,028 shares for a total amount of € 225.9 Mill.

 This means that 99,320,000 shares of the company have been sold through the IPO, which is 52% of the issued share capital of FDJ, for € 1.89 Bln. Also private investors and retail members FDJ acquired 40,172,148 of equity securities, which brought € 712 million. The 44,621,497 shares in the amount of € 888 million were sold to institutional investors. Employees FDJ bought 3,176,327 shares, bringing another € 62 million.

 Before carrying out the redistribution of the French state will be reduced to 27.85% its original stake in FDJ, make up 72% of the original. Currently, the proportion drops to a value of 21.91% and can be reduced to approximately 20% if all the individual investors will keep their shares for 18 months. At the expiration of this period, investors will receive one additional share for every 10 shares acquired. Shares of the FDJ recently fallen in price by 4.37%, ie, up to € 23.14 per share.

 Recall that in Ireland adopted a revision made at the amendments on the law on bingo.

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